Why Choose Premier for Travel Nursing Jobs?

For over 15 years, Premier Medical Staffing Services (“Premier”) has been staffing facilities across the United States and helping healthcare facilities within Nursing, Therapy, Allied and Pharmacy with immediate and long-term fills through travel nursing professionals. Premier is a woman-owned, small business with a Joint Commission Certification in Health Care Staffing. We’re small but mighty! We have an expert team who want to make a positive difference in your travel nursing career and have Travel RN job opportunities nationwide.

Premier strives to offer the highest and most competitive compensation package while upholding personal attention and integrity within all our interactions on a daily basis. Find out more about our benefits > >.

Benefits You’ll Experience with Premier

  • Personal Attention
  • Benefit Options
  • Weekly Pay and Direct Deposit
  • Housing and Per-diem Weekly Allowance
  • Competitive Salaries and Bonuses
  • Shift Differentials


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Summer is the perfect time to travel to a new city or state. Click on an image below to learn more about that location and discover what each destination has to offer this time of year:

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Premier Medical at Travelers Conference 2017

Exhibitor-Premier-Medical-Travelers-Conference-2017-Badge-ImageWe’re excited to announce Premier Medical Staffing Services will be exhibiting at the 10th Annual Travelers Conference in Las Vegas, September 17-19. Our Travel Staffing Specialists Kelly and Nicole can’t wait to meet Travel Nurses and talk about contract job opportunities. Stay tuned for more information!

How to Start Your Travel Nursing Career

Becoming a travel nurse is easy! Any nurse that has passed the NCLEX can take on this opportunity. Almost all facilities require a minimum of one year full-time employment experience in a hospital setting before they will consider placing you. At times the minimum experience requirement can be longer. The time to train a traveler is limited because they are only on assignment for 13 weeks. The more experience a nurse has, the more types of patients they have cared for, thus resulting in a shorter transition period.

There is not one specific specialty that will bring you a greater chance of landing an assignment. The most needed and profitable specialties include ICU/Step Down, OR, ER, Labor and Delivery, and Cardiac Cath Lab. That doesn’t mean that opportunities for other specialties are not available. Flexibility on location, schedule, and shift preference is not necessarily required, but will open up your options even further.

To start your travel career, make sure you do your research on the different types of facilities and what they have to offer. Each company has different strengths and will provide you with a different experience. Make sure to ask questions about compensation packages, housing, licensing, and assignment specifics. Sometimes the company may not know all of the answers up front and that’s fine, because each assignment is different.

Premier’s 24-hour support team strives on going the “extra mile” to provide as much assistance as possibly needed to our professionals. A designated person will answer the phone for all emergencies outside of office hours for assistance of various topics. Some questions that are not urgent matters might have to wait until the next business day when the designated account manager is available. Call 800-439-7012 and press #1 to get to the On Call Support Staff after hours for urgent matters.

State Licensures vary across the country and some states are covered under the Nurse Licensure Compact. Premier will assist in gaining licensure within the various locations that travel contracts are accepted. Check out this section of the Premier site to get the proper contact information for each state.

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Travel Nurse Credentialing Process with Premier

Premier strives to hire and place the “Best of the Best” professionals and is a Joint Commission Certification company. A snapshot of these requirements consists of references, national and local background check, health records collection and payroll forms.

What will my compensation package be?

Premier understands that accepting a travel assignment can be uneasy especially when it’s your first time; the priority is ensuring that your compensation package is everything that you deserve! Premier will evaluate each travel assignment you are interested in and offer you the most competitive package for that assignment. Premier has the ability to create a compensation package that is the best for you whether or not you want a maximum tax-free stipend or if you would prefer to have a higher hourly rate. No matter what, Premier will work with you to create a winning compensation package for YOU!

Is there a benefit to traveling outside of my home environment?

Premier offers a tax-advantage for all qualified travelers working assignments outside of their home environment. A stipend is an additional benefit that you can use towards travel expenses which will vary upon assignment. Premier recommends that all travelers consult with their tax accountant prior to accepting a tax free stipend.

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What other benefits does Premier offer?

All travelers working a minimum of 32 hours per week will be eligible for medical insurance through a major national carrier so you can obtain the best medical care nationwide. Talk to your Account Manager for eligibility. Below are the specific costs for each insurance plan:

Individual Health Coverage Details:
Monthly Health Insurance Cost per month that will be deducted from your paycheck: $210.27 which will break down to around $48.52 per week

Individual Health & Spouse Coverage Details:
Monthly Health Insurance Cost per month that will be deducted from your paycheck: $452.07 which will break down to around $104.32 per week

Individual Health & Child Coverage Details:
Monthly Health Insurance Cost per month that will be deducted from your paycheck: $407.47 which will break down to around $94 per week

Family Health Coverage Details:
Monthly Health Insurance Cost per month that will be deducted from your paycheck: $714.90 which will break down to around $164.97 per week

What does the health insurance plan include?
• United Healthcare National Network
• Network: Choice Plus PPO
• Individual Deductible: $2,500
• Family Deductible: $5,000
• Coinsurance: 80%
• Individual out of Pockent: $5,000
• Family out of Pocket: Individual $10,000
• Physician Copay: $30
• Specialist Copay: $60
• Urgent Care Copay: $100
• ER Copay: $250
• Prescription Copay: $10 / $35 / $60

Does Premier offer any retirement benefits?

Travelers can contribute up to a certain amount per year into an IRA either pre-taxed or taxed which will be deducted from your weekly direct deposit.

Where will I live?

Housing differs for each assignment. Typically there are two options to consider: receive a housing stipend in which the traveler takes care of all housing expenses, or let us take care of it for you. If Premier coordinates your housing, usually you will be placed in a hotel, long stay suite or furnished apartment. Housing options differ from location to location. More specific housing questions can be directed to your Account Manager.